Common Core Lesson Plan Templates For Busy Teachers

Sometimes teachers have lessons every single day of a school week, and with such a demanding timetable, it is essential for them to follow lesson plans.

Lesson plan templates are great organizers because they provide structure to your teaching practice, help teachers not to stray from essential lesson topics and also ensure that a great teaching pattern is achieved. Below are the best common core lesson plan templates for busy teachers.

Common Core State-Standard Lesson-Plan Templates

In 2009 a group of educational experts came together to generate a set of standard that would be adopted by a majority of schools to ensure the same learning pattern for every student in these schools. Since then, lesson plan templates brought into line with these standards have been introduced in schools. To work with these lesson templates, teachers need first to understand the concept of common core aligned lessons.

Then, they need to evaluate the type of tools to use to help them plan their lessons well. The beauty of the CCSS lesson plan templates is that they give teachers the freedom to organize their lessons weekly, monthly or per day. These templates also come in a long-range version where teachers can create lessons at an individual capacity.

Unit Planning Templates

These templates come in a wide variety of contexts which busy teachers can choose from. Some frameworks allow teachers to work towards developing their students’ performances and skills. They also come with instructional plans and results segments to evaluate performance.

Other frameworks such as the backward design allow the teachers to focus on a particular lesson unit, look at the result on what the students are supposed to understand and then to work backward to that goal. Others focus on coming up with a lesson unit, follow the result and the routine of understanding.

Electronic Lesson Planners

If your busy teaching schedule is interfering with your teaching methods, there is an excellent way to make your work easier through the electronic lesson planners. These planners have built-in common core standards, making some features of teaching much more comfortable.
Electronic lesson planners contain similar components as other lesson plan templates such as materials to be used, clear objectives, guided practice, instructions, results among others. All the teachers have to do is fill out content electronically without having to print out physical templates.

Completed Lesson And Unit Plans

Busy teachers rarely have time to sit down and write down on their lesson or unit plan templates. Therefore, they can adopt new teaching ideas by learning from other teachers who already have written down models for various units. Several online sites and databases provide thousands of finished lesson plans for all classes. Different lesson plans have been developed by teachers who teach different lessons, for example, you can get a lesson and unit plans for mathematics, sciences, English among others.

The current commonly used sites include Illuminations for mathematics, Better Lesson, Share My Lesson, ReadWrite Think that was developed for English teachers and Scholastic’s Lesson Plan Database. By using these sites, busy teachers can be able to custom make their lesson plans templates quickly and easily by just noting new easier methods to perfect their teaching lessons.