Core Learn’s Teaching Reading Source Book – Overview

Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education (Core Learn) has been providing top quality professional learning resources and services for more than 20 years. A short glimpse at their 2nd edition of Teaching Reading Sourcebook should be enough proof of the profound knowledge they possess in the field of education. Core Learn’s Teaching Reading Sourcebook revised 2nd edition comes with incredible wealth for teachers in every level. It is a toolbox that everyone in school should put their hands on. The sourcebook teaches merely teachers how to teach reading, and it does it most comprehensively, yet simple to understand and emulate.

The value inside

You may wonder why you need this outstanding sourcebook especially if you have been in education for a long time. Core Learn’s Teaching Reading Sourcebook offers a crystal depiction of the current state with regards to reading education including teaching tips, key literacy concepts, suggestions and intervention strategies among others. The sourcebook is provided as a hands-on teacher’s guide featuring professional organization for a well researched and informed knowledge base. Inside the sourcebook, you will find;

  1. • Latest revisions on early literacy content including letter knowledge and phonemic awareness
  2. • Updated research information on RtI (response to intervention)
  3. • A new section that discusses fluency
  4. • New in-depth revisions on vocabulary development
  5. • Revised section on comprehension focused on monitoring and inclusion of informal text to accommodate struggling students
  6. • Comprehensive conclusion of the reading program that sheds light on how you can implement your teaching strategies
  7. • New section on cross-referencing, core information and graphic illustrations

There are several other aspects of the book, but most revolve around the above. Core Learn’s Teaching Reading Sourcebook is simply one of the best research-based guides that offer instructions on how to go about teaching effective reading. It is also a best-selling book that is offered to close the gap between research and actionable strategies. It harmonizes evidence-based research and builds tools that teachers can use to implement strategies that will result in success for both the teacher and students. It has several practical samples and has been praised by most experts in education.

Who is it for?

This teaching reading sourcebook is ideal for everyone in the education sector provided you interact with students or people that you teach. It is a handbook guide that describes and illustrates how you can go about teaching reading to ensure your students get the key concepts (what, why, how and when) explicitly. Whether you are a junior high teacher or a professor in education, this book provides a resourceful guide to keep you up to speed with the current state of affairs in teaching reading and education in general.


Core Learn’s Teaching Reading Sourcebook is a 2nd edition revised version of the first sourcebook and contains new sections and information on reading education. This includes a lot of changes that have taken place in teaching reading education since the last publication. It does not only contain teaching tips but also includes intervention strategies and evidence-based suggestions that make it a must-have if you are an educator. There are several tips and ideas for English learners.